AbleSys is a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) founded in 1994 that specialzes in trading software and internet applications. AbleSys products include AbleTrend, ASCTrend and WinTick.

There are mixed reviews of AbleTrend, but the consensus we found was that those who took the time to understand everything about the product benefited the most. We would like to mention here that AbleTrend has several instructional videos as well as a CD that help you understand this product.

Those who liked the product said that they took the time — at least three months — to understand the product before they made their first trade. Some users suggested that even though the product is a mechanical and automated system, that didn’t mean you should follow it blindly. It lacks the number of indicators as some of the more advanced system, but still carries a similar price tag. You still need to use your judgment and be mindful of Fibonacci levels, Fibonacci clusters, and support and resistance levels. Most users indicated that the product worked well in trending markets such as currencies, whereas in consolidating markets they got whipsawed.

On the other end of the spectrum there were users who tried the product for a month and didn’t get the results they wanted. I got the impression these users were just looking for a quick way to get rich and were disappointed when they didn’t. I wouldn’t recommend this product to someone with limited or no knowledge of trading. Even though it makes everything easy, you still need to know what trading is all about. You still need to learn about trends, support/resistance levels, and trailing stops, and you still need to attempt to write a simple trading system. That way, you will understand the thought process that goes behind a trading system. Then you can think about making the decision to purchase it.

As with everything it’s not for everybody, but those traders who really liked the product, after having taken the time and trouble to learn it, have had a reasonable success rate.

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