The Saratogian has a story that will scare the daylights out of parents across the country and make everyone think twice about entrusting Democrats with positions of power. That’s because yet another Dem Mayor has been caught in a disgusting act. Trust me, there are a lot of these stories. Really, a lot.

The Democratic mayor of a town in upstate New York has resigned following his felony arrest for child pornography. Mayor Rick Nelson, 62, posted bail for $25,000 on Friday after he was arrested and resigned. He is appearing in court tomorrow for one count of promoting a sexual performance by a child and possessing a sexual performance by a child.

The Saratoga County town of Stillwater has been hit hard by the allegations.

As The Saratogian points out, Nelson was a respected community member in the tight-knit village of Stillwater. People had no idea he might be involved in anything like this. Police found suspicious activity after noting a Stillwater IP address downloading child porn. They carried out a search warrant in the early hours of Thursday of Nelson’s home where the incriminating evidence was located.

Nelson’s 27-year-old son Patrick is currently running as a Democrat in New York’s 21st Congressional district against Republican Elise Stefanik. In a crazy twist, one of the police officers who charged Rick Nelson with the crimes is Aaron Stefanik who is actually a distant relative of Congresswoman Stefanik

Aaron Stefanik confirmed that he has had no contact with Elise Stefanik and that the arrest was entirely independent of political developments.

“I was not aware that his (Rick Nelson’s) son was running. So it’s not intertwined in any way,” Stefanik said.

The case, meanwhile, has shaken the town to its core as well as the Nelson family.

“As a son, I’m torn between sadness and anger,” Patrick Nelson said in a statement.

In addition to being disgusted with ol’ dad he’s probably also very pissed off that he’s now connected to someone charged with child pornography. After all, Patrick Nelson helped run his dad Rick Nelson’s campaign to become mayor of Stillwater.

It’s unclear if Patrick Nelson will continue his run for Congress. I mean, would you vote for the guy?

Deputy Mayor Frank Tatum is filling in as acting mayor of Stillwater.

What do you think about this story? Is it just a coincidence that so many Democrats seem to be involved in corruption, sex crimes and pedophilia-related cases?