Former President Barack Obama interfered in another election. He gave a statement on Monday demanding that Kenyan voters turn away from violence and vote in an “inclusive democracy” ahead of Tuesday’s election.

Obama delivered his statement without President Trump issuing a statement yet. Aren’t presidents supposed to fade to the black after they are out of office?

“To move forward, Kenyans have to reject a politics of tribe and ethnicity, and embrace the extraordinary potential of an inclusive democracy,” Obama said.

This is ridiculous to think that Barack Obama has a pattern of interfering in elections of other nations, let’s not forget his interference in the French election.

“I urge Kenyan leaders to reject violence and incitement; respect the will of the people; urge security forces to act professionally and neutrally, and work together no matter the outcome,” he added, before addressing the Kenyan people.

This man and his party complained about false Russia interference and instead turn the blind eye to the actual Ukrainian interference in the election. They’re also ignoring Obama and other liberals’ interference in the elections across the globe. It would seem that the only reason they’re concerned about the alleged Russian interference is that they lost something they were told they would win no problem.

Obama has remained active in foreign affairs since leaving office, even though he previously promised to stay “on the sidelines” out of respect for President Trump.

Last month, Obama met with South Korean President Moon Jae-in for 40 minutes about President Trump.

Why is this acceptable for Obama? Is it because he’s a Democrat?

The future of Kenya shouldn’t hinge on Barack and his loving doting on his motherland. It should hinge on the citizens of Kenya. It’s up to them and Obama has no idea what is best for Kenya. He didn’t even know what was best for America and he lived here.