Faith Family America has a story today about yet another anti-Trump celebrity who’s in big trouble. Recently celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain guaranteed himself a visit from Secret Service after saying he wants to poison President Trump.

Now this latest story is about actress Jessica Biel, and it also involves cooking and food, believe it or not.

Usually fans think of Biel for being married to Justin Timberlake and lighting up the silver screen with her attractive good looks. Now she’s making headlines for an entirely different reason, however, as she is being sued for theft.

Biel co-owns a restaurant in LA called Au Fudge and employees at this restaurant say Biel and her business partners withheld more than $430,000 in tips from them.

That’s a hell of a lot of tips! Doesn’t Biel make enough from her movies? (Hint: Biel has an estimated net worth of $18 million and when you add her worth to Timberlake’s it shoots up to $248 million, so Biel isn’t exactly hurting for cash).

Biel’s restaurant frequently has private events and dinners where customers get charged a 22% gratuity. This isn’t a place for regular Americans to eat, in other words, it’s a super-expensive hangout. But nine employees and former employees say Biel and her co-owners kept the tips instead of giving them out as agreed.

In the lawsuit the employees say huge events didn’t result in them getting the tips they were owed, not even close. For example, the lawsuit mentions a high-end Netflix meal event last summer at Au Fudge. Netflix folks racked up a bill of $80,220.19 and put in a tip of $13,271.50. So what did the waiters and staff allegedly get from that tip? Big fat zero.


The restaurant is owned by Biel along with Estee Stanley, Joey Gonzalez, Kimberly Muller and Jonathan Rollo. Employees say they intentionally added up the numbers wrong to steal the tip from staff.

Employees also say the restaurant’s owners treated them like crap on a regular basis. Does that surprise anyone? We’re talking about Hollywood bigwigs, here.

“Each of [the employees] had their gratuities wrongfully converted and were improperly denied meal and rest breaks, overtime compensation and earned wages under various illegal payroll practices,” the lawsuit alleges.

It goes on to say that the restaurant’s owners “charged hundreds of thousands of dollars in gratuities to private-party customers and converted said gratuities to themselves in order to pad their own pockets and deprive plaintiffs their just compensation in violation of law.”

That is just low, dude.

The lawsuit is asking for the $430,100 owed in tips and an additional $31,549 for breaks that weren’t given to staff. It also wants $1,000,000 in punitive damages.

The nine employees are suing the owners for $430,100 in gratuities, $31,549 for missed breaks, and $1,000,000 for punitive damages.

Biel and the other restaurant owners’ lawyers said they had no comment and looked forward to defending themselves in court.

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