According to Newsmax, James Woods is done with Hollywood and the arrogant liberals who run the place.

Life is too short but you will be missed James. The legendary actor retiring from showbiz.

The news via a press release issued by Woods’ real estate agent that the quick reporters at Newsmax saw.

Good for them.

The agent is trying to sell Woods’ Rhode Island lake house. No word on the price. But the agent did confirm the news.

Allen Gammons told Newsmax that Woods wants to relax and enjoy life.

Get out of the rat race. He is 70 after all and he has other things he wants to pursue. And enjoy the fruits of his labors.

Gammons added that the deaths of the actor’s brother and mother hit him hard and that may be the reason for the sudden announcement.

He stressed it had nothing to do with politics.

He said James wants to spend time on photography, antiquing, and poker. His three major passions.

Good luck to you Jimmy but please stay on twitter to out Hollywood in its place when they overstep like you did here:

Actor James Woods sent a special Mother’s Day message to Planned Parenthood president and CEO Cecile Richards. It was brilliant and quickly went viral.

Richard’s is a staunch believer that abortion is health care tweeted out a Mother’s Day message:

Woods, a Roman Catholic, and strong conservative couldn’t resist the irony and arrogance of Richard’s tweet. Woods, never known for holding back his opinion, let her have it:

It’s graphic, it’s mean, it’s heartbreaking but it’s hard to argue with James Woods on this one. Most of America agreed with the Hollywood celebrity and took to twitter to back him up.

Planned Parenthood’s government funding has grown from $272 million to $553 million. Abortions at the group have increased 27 percent. The group now performs 34% of the nation’s abortions. At the same time as their funding has gone up, their annual clients and services other than abortion have gone down. Leaving more questions than answers.