Big Pharma loser, Martin Shkreli was ruled a “danger to society” Wednesday and put in jail by a federal judge after he shared numerous Facebook posts in which the criminal said he’d donate $5,000 per strand of Hillary Clinton’s hair.

Now, why didn’t this happen with Kathy Griffin? It’s predominantly because she didn’t offer money for harming Trump.

He gave a sad letter saying that the statuses were an “awkward attempt at humor or satire,” Brooklyn federal court judge Kiyo Matsumoto revoked his $5 million bond and ordered him thrown behind bars.

Prosecutors begged the judged to throw the loser in jail after the disgusting status. Maybe you shouldn’t offer money on social media for the harm of a politician. It doesn’t matter who that politician is.

The “joke” is the peak of numerous other posts where he suggested that he wanted to clone Clinton, but it seems more like a threat. He deleted all of these posts from his account after the Secret Service contacted him.

In a Sept. 12 letter to Matsumoto, Shkreli apologized for the status, which he called an “awkward attempt at humor or satire,” and said he never intended to “threaten” HRC.

But the judge wasn’t buying it and ordered the marshals to take him into custody.

Shkreli was convicted of defrauding hedge fund investors in early August and faces up to 20 years behind bars when sentenced.

During the time when the jurors returned with the mixed verdict, Shkreli gave a Facebook live stream that he would be going to a “Club Fed” prison that is like a vacation. “I’ll play basketball and tennis and Xbox,” he mused.

Shkreli will now languish in “Club Fed” for an untold period of time, as a sentencing date has yet to be set.

What do you think of this disturbing loser?