Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been accused of bribery and other charges the Israeli police have confirmed. A spokesman of the PM has slammed the claims and he is “vowing that any effort to change the government was destined to fail.”

Israel Police confirmed the charges, which also bolstered breach of trust and fraud. This was all reported during a hearing in the Israel Supreme Court.

Authorities were public with the information as it tried a gag order in trying to obtain the cooperation of Netanyahu’s former chief of staff in its investigation.

For his assistance, the former aide, Ari Harow, “would receive immunity from prosecution for alleged crimes involving his own government relations firm,” Haaretz reports.

This sounds a lot like everything the left has done to President Trump.

“The campaign to change the government is underway, but it is destined to fail, for a simple reason: there won’t be anything because there was nothing.”

Benjamin Netanyahu has been accused of accepting gifts from rich friends.

Also being probed are accusations that the prime minister sought a secret deal with the publisher of Yediot Aharonot, Israel’s top-selling newspaper.

The alleged agreement would have given Netanyahu favorable coverage from Yediot in exchange for working to reduce the operations of its main competitor, Israel Hayom.

This would definitely be a damning discovery if it were proven true. The PM would likely be removed from office. He was required to sell his firm, 3H Global, because of a possible conflict of interest.

Harow is suspected of bribery, breach of trust, conflict of interest and fraud, and the Post reports.

Netanyahu is a longtime ally of the US and a veteran, it’s wild to think that he would do any of this. We will certainly find out if it’s true after a lengthy investigation.