The Democratic party finds a new way to embarrass itself every single day. In fact, they often find multiple ways to do so. These guys just can’t get it together and it’s both funny and sad. It’s funny because it’s hard to believe grown adults are this ridiculous and incompetent; it’s sad because the stupidity and arrogance of the Democrats is hurting America. Now as Politicus Daily reports, a Democrat Congressional candidate has just been arrested for shoplifting.

The individual is 27-year-old Steven Brisee, who is running for Congress in New York state against Republican rep John Faso. The problem occurred when Brisee was arrested and charged with shoplifting after allegedly stealing $1,500 of clothing from his local Khol’s department store. Brisee explained in his defense that he claims to be on the autistic disorder spectrum and claims Thomas Jefferson also was (unproven).

“As someone on the spectrum, the fact Thomas Jefferson was thought to be autistic gave me hope,” Brisee said. “There’s a reason not many scientists run for office, because it’s so far out of our comfort zone. I can do and learn a lot of things but sadly sociability will never be one of them. So that’s enough politics for me,” he added.

It was Brisee’s second arrest.

“A 27-year-old Democratic congressional candidate from Walden faces criminal charges in two counties for allegedly living in someone else’s empty house without permission and trying to steal almost $1,500 worth of clothes and other merchandise from a Kohl’s in the Town of Newburgh,” local media explained.

Living in someone else’s house? That sounds like a Democrat all right! Stealing from American taxpayers and then pushing them out of their homes.

Clearly Democrats have a long, long way to go before they pose any real threat to President Trump’s re-election.

What do you think about this Democrat Congressional candidate getting arrested for shoplifting? Is it funny or sad?