HSL has launched the latest version of its state-of-the-art trading program, the HSL Smart Market System. This system will take the online trading experience to a new level with in-depth analysis, latest market information, better aesthetics, advanced technology, world class financial tools & user friendly console. Powerful analysis tools and ease of use will empower a common man to calculate & plan his savings & investments.

HSL is famous for its consistent, in-depth & timely trading programs. The HSL Smart Market System being interactive and user-friendly will redefine self-management of investments and make trading a more pleasing experience with HSL. Traders will experience a new level of trading with advanced technology and a world class financial tool. The new layout and content of the HSL Smart Market System is embedded with truckloads of information & research and at the same point highly user friendly and easy to navigate.

HSL General Manager Kevin Stewart says, “We are in a competitive market. Customers rightly expect a good deal and a professional service. At HSL we know that our services are not only the best available but also that we listen to our customers.”
HSL has certainly made an impact on the ‘trade at home’ market with their range of trading products. These range from the Smart Market System, which is an after-hours trading system, through to Forex and Commodities Trading. What helps to set them apart from the competition is their award-winning client support, which dedicates a one-to-one analyst to each new client. This personalised level of support makes them a great option for those who are new to the markets.

Kevin Stewart says, “As the company has always put a focussed concentration on customer support and always worked to exceed customer expectations, we are continually evolving and improving our products and services. Since HSL is recognized as leading trading systems provider, that’s why we wanted the same to be replicated through our support also.”

The HSL Smart Market System is already being used by a client base of both experienced and inexperienced traders. The success of the software comes down to its simplicity. The HSL Smart Market System is the classic example of this. It takes no more than fifteen minutes to run, you need no stock market knowledge and it requires the same amount of computer skill as sending an email. Yet, this after-hours trading program has consistently helped traders produce returns which defy the current market sentiment.