HSL is a trading software developer based in Canary Wharf London. Renowned for their Smart Market System, they produce a variety of programs for both domestic and commercial applications. This financial analysis and investment software combines technical analysis with neural network and genetic algorithms. It has the ability to learn patterns from historical data, allowing you to create highly accurate trading programs that inform you when to buy and sell for the various types of financial markets, including stocks, futures and currencies.

HSL recently upgraded the HSL Smart Market System and pose it as a significant opportunity for the general public to self-manage their investing approach though superior trading tools and expert support. The HSL Smart Market System has already won a number of international accolades and GM Kevin Stewart says that the product will help those looking for an alternative to the mainstream ISA account. He stated that most people are effectively already running the program in some shape or form as the major banks are trading funds held in interest bearing accounts on the short term markets utilising the software and generating huge profits.

The idea behind the system was to effectively cut out the middleman, allowing people to trade their own money directly on the markets, but with the guidance of the advanced program and professional support network.