Ivanka Trump was paid a visit at Trump Tower. Well, her visitor didn’t get to see her. He was armed throwing knives and a bulletproof vest under his suit. This is according to the Secret Service.

Law enforcement officials said that Secret Service agents caught Sixto Benitez Thursday at Trump Tower when his knives and vest set off a metal detector.

Agents gave him a pat down and confiscated the weapons. This man even said he owned Trump Tower and he was a US Senator. He said he was there to see Ivanka Trump.

Ivanka was not in Trump Tower at the time.

52-year-old Benitez was handed to NYPD and taken to Cornell Medical Center for psychiatric evaluation. He was taken in for criminal possession of a weapon.

Ivanka is actually in Germany as her father attends the G20 Summit.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are taking advantage of the trip abroad to relax. They have had a nice time so far.

The First Daughter even posted a picture of the couple as they took a walk across a huge lawn in the city of Hamburg one day prior the genesis of the G20, with Jared leading his wife by the hand as she sauntered behind in a pair of her beautiful heels.

‘We’ve landed in Germany and are looking forward to productive discussions at the G20 Hamburg Summit!’ wrote Ivanka, who added the hashtags ‘#POTUSatG20’ and ‘#G20.’

She did not explain what actually determines a ‘productive’ discussion at the summit.

This frisky new behavior between the couple, who will soon be celebrating their eighth wedding anniversary, has been going on for the past 24 hours.

It started from the instant the power couple arrived in Poland.

They were clutching each other by the hand as they went down the steps of Air Force One after President Trump and the First Lady.

This is what the left has done. It has put the lives of the Trumps in danger.