Laura Ingraham drops bombs and knowledge every day. She is a conservative commentator who has her own show on Fox News.

She released a book on Tuesday that was very insightful.

In her book, Laura Ingraham drops a bomb about someone who said she should move to Texas and be a primary rival to Senator Ted Cruz.

“People were so torched by Cruz’s failure to endorse Trump that talk of primarying him ignited almost the moment he walked off the stage,” Ingraham wrote in her new book, Billionaire at the Barricades: The Populist Revolution from Reagan to Trump. “In fact, a tanned, good-old-boy type in his late 40s approached me and asked me if I’d consider moving to Texas to run against him.”

Ingraham would be great, but I feel she’s more of an asset in the media.

She did see where Cruz refused to endorse President Trump during his speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention. She encouraged him to endorse Trump in his speech.

“‘You gotta endorse him tonight,’ I told him, looking him right in the eyes,” Ingraham recalled. “‘Did you hear the crowd just now?’

Instead of endorsing Trump, Cruz told Americans to “vote your conscience” in his convention speech, causing the crowd to react with jeers and boos.

“The arena reverberated with boos and chants of ‘Endorse Trump!’” Ingraham wrote. “I have never heard a crowd jeer even after a speaker is finished speaking.”

The fallout from his speech did not end there, as he also faced backlash from some high-profile GOP donors.

In her book, Ingraham recounted how GOP-mega donor Sheldon Adelson told security not to let Cruz into his suite following the speech.

Cruz did eventually endorse the President, but it took far too long.

Ingraham is of more value in the media though.

She also revealed that GOP senators “laughed out loud” at Trump’s plan to build a wall along the Mexican border in a private meeting.

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