Sarah Huckabee Sanders is doing a great job as White House press secretary. Every day she goes in front of liberal jackals who want to rip her to shreds with lies, insults and insinuations. Now Western Journal is reporting on what Sanders just said that made her dad, former governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee tear up with pride.

What happened is that NBC’s Peter Alexander asked Sanders to name some flaws of President Trump. He was hunting for dirt and a funny, controversial statement so he could laugh with his liberal journalist buddies at the local pub after work. What he got was a slap in his bitch face, courtesy of Sanders.

“Yesterday from that podium you said all of our leaders have flaws, Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Kennedy. What are President Trump’s flaws?” Alexander asked.

“Probably that he has to deal with you guys on a daily basis,” Sanders shot back without a pause.

Mic drop. The room was stunned into silence but then Alexander piped back up.

“In fairness, he doesn’t deal with us on a daily basis. So what would you say, in sincerity?” he fished.

“Most every day actually he does,” Sanders replied, shutting down the whiny loser journalist once again. It was a situation that made Mike Huckabee extremely proud, writing on Facebook that “I’d be proud of the White House Press Secretary for this response even if she weren’t my daughter.”

This still wasn’t good enough for the Failing New York Times, whose writer Frank Bruni lashed out about Sanders’ response.

“Being answerable to a skeptical news media may be an inconvenience, or for someone as thin-skinned as he is, an absolute torment — but it’s not a flaw,” Bruni whined, adding “it also happens to be a vital component of democracy, should she and her boss care to reacquaint themselves with that.”

Please, NY Times, tell us more about “democracy” when your paper pushed Hillary Clinton on voters even though the entire presidential primary was rigged against Bernie Sanders, as has now been exposed. But yes, tell us about “democracy.”

Bruni also claimed Sanders lacks the skill to be Press Secretary.

“She’s awful at this, but that makes her an excellent fit for an administration in which mediocrity, inadequate experience and nepotism run rampant,” Bruni wrote, adding “she’s serving a function other than communication, which turns out not to be her forte. (To listen to her pronounce ‘priorities’ is akin to hearing air seep out of a flat tire, and she leaves half the consonants on the curb.)”

Mike Huckabee had no interest in what liberal snobs like Frank Bruni have to say, noting that these people “reveal themselves to be self-absorbed snobs who are totally out of touch with people who live real lives.”

Huckabee added: “My daughter and the millions of people who love her are not surprised by the hypocrisy of those who wouldn’t tolerate such hate directed toward one of their liberal friends.”

Do you agree with Mike Huckabee?