News broke today that former Trump campaign head Paul Manafort was hit with 12 charges by special counsel Bob Mueller. They are basically charges for money laundering and alleged criminal wrongdoing in his work with the former government of Ukraine. In their investigation, Mueller and his team of Russia-obsessed crackpots went down every little avenue they could in order to dig up dirt. What they ended up finding doesn’t really seem to have anything to do with the 2016 campaign that put Trump into office, but it does involve some shady financial dealings.

Instead of showing that Manafort was working with Russia in 2016, the allegations show that he was allegedly engaged in shady tax dealings, money laundering and other activities long before ever taking on leadership of Trump’s campaign. This stuff is in the distant past, but count on Mueller and his ridiculous witch hunt to go after Manafort and blame him for every little detail he forgot to do right.

That’s where things get interesting. As Red State Watcher reports, Mueller’s investigation has also exposed a prominent Democrat lobbyist for being involved. In 2012 Manafort was found to have had suspicious wire transfers put into his account from foreign sources. At the time Manafort was working with none other than sicko John Podesta’s brother Tony Podesta.

While using his Ukraine group as a front to bring in boatloads of money, guess who was helping Manafort do the dirty deeds? Slug man Tony Podesta, who’s Podesta Group is more than willing to represent and help out anyone with cash no matter how dirty.

Podesta is a sick piece of garbage and he’s just been exposed by this investigation because he failed to register as a foreign agent and he helped launder massive amounts of money. There’s definitely some frantic calls going through between the Podestas and Clintons right now trying to pull some strings and keep fatass Tony Podesta out of prison.

Another thing is that part of what Manafort is in trouble for is failing to register as working on behalf of a foreign agent. Well, Tony Podesta was doing exactly the same thing! It’s definitely a double standard if Manafort gets charged and Podesta doesn’t, so don’t be surprised if conservatives start really emphasizing this wrongdoing by Tony Podesta.

What do you think of these revelations? Is it time for Tony Podesta to spend some time behind bars?