POTUS Trump went after former President Obama in response to the still unproven Russian interference in the 2016 election. He used Twitter to go after him.

His stream of tweets was interesting.

Monday’s barrage of tweets comes after POTUS Trump spent the weekend going after the Obama regime over a new article from The Washington Post that linked meddling in last year’s election right to Russian President Vladimir Putin and disclosed political considerations that could have allowed Moscow to avoid paying a significant price for a try to alter the US election on a massive scale.

The Post said the Obama administration believed couldn’t stop Russian hacking when it first came to the forefront because it did not want to be rightfully accused of interfering in an already vicious campaign. At the time, Trump was already accurately and openly stating that the election was stacked against him.

Obama is known to have colluded with Russia at one point because he was caught on a hot mic. Hillary and the DNC already rigged one election. The deck was stacked against Trump and he still won, but there is no reason to just let it go.