President Trump proved his dedication to the American people during the campaign by taking a hardline stance on enforcing immigration. He made it clear that illegal immigrants should go home. In addition to promising to build the border wall, Trump has put forward four brilliant moves that are going to send illegal immigrants packing faster than Mary Poppins flying on her umbrella.

According to Liberty Writers, the four steps are a fool-proof plan to get rid of illegals by making it much easier for them to just leave. These four chess moves just checkmated the pro-Amnesty crowd and illegal immigrants for good. Here they are:

  1. Stop letting businesses hire illegal immigrants: this means employers have to use e-verify to check any employee’s immigration status. If you’re an employer who hires an illegal you’re looking at fines and punishment.
  2. Overstay a visa? Pay the price: Trump’s proposal means that if you don’t follow the rules with your visa you will be treated as a criminal. Almost 40 percent of illegals come into the US on a valid travel or work visa but then don’t leave when the time is up.
  3. No more fraud: There’s been massive fraud for asylum claimants. Trump wants more proof before you’re allowed to come run and hide in America.
  4. Build the wall: you didn’t think he forgot did you? No sir, the big beautiful wall is coming, you can bet on that!

There’s also a 70-point plan proposed by Trump in total to cut off illegal immigration and make it a thing of the past. It’s time to get America back to work and send illegals packing for the hills. What do you think?