When President Trump got elected by the American People in November, 2016, he pledged to put America First. The biggest part of Making America Great Again is getting it absolutely clear that this country is no longer going to put all its money and energy into things overseas and it’s going to start listening to the forgotten men and women who work blue collar jobs and want a future for their kids. People whose ancestors came to this land and built it from nothing into the greatest country in history. America has been a haven of hope for many immigrants and refugees over the years; however, the time has come to back up a bit and rebuild and protect the homeland.

It’s for that reason, that Trump has issued a travel ban: to keep us safe from harmful extremists and those who don’t agree to the American way of life. It’s also for that reason that Trump has issued all-around restrictions on refugees and migrants coming into this country. The economy and infrastructure just can’t support millions more people like those who poured in under Obama.

Now Fox News Insider is reporting that the amount of refugees let in under President Trump has gone down by 87 percent in the first month of this fiscal year 2018. Last fiscal year 9,945 refugees were let in: this fiscal year only 1,242. Muslim refugee intake went from 45 percent down to 23 percent. Fiscal year refers to the 365 days used as a year for accounting and tax purposes by governments and companies that takes place at different times than the calendar year. Fiscal year 2018 began last month in October.

President Trump has been very clear that extreme vetting is needed on refugees, especially ones from terrorist-heavy countries. During his presidency, Obama allowed in maximum 110,000 refugees per year; Trump is allowing in a maximum of 45,000 per fiscal year.

What do you think of this story? Are you glad about this statistic or do you wish more refugees were being let in like oppressed Christians and Yazidis?