US defense officials announced on Tuesday that the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD missile defense system has been successfully deployed in South Korea. This is very important and the despotic dictator Kim Jong-Un is being thwarted at every turn.

THAAD, easily the world’s most advanced missile defense system, has both China and North Korea worried, as its powerful radar could potentially spot and knock down Chinese missiles. Even some persistent rumors say it could be bad for the health of South Koreans in the region, despite being proven incorrect.

But THAAD is a purely defensive weapons system. The missiles do not even carry warheads and rely solely on kinetic energy to smash incoming missiles without detonating their high explosive, or possibly nuclear payload.

The video below demonstrates exactly how it does its job.

South Korea is the most immediate target for North Korea so they need to up their missile defense. The American military has thoroughly ensured the improvement of that missile defense.

China’s worry over the missile defense system is a little misguided as the Chinese can easily call the South Koreans to let them know if they need to have a fly over with one of their missiles. If China is the ally they are suddenly posing to be, they should actively encourage strong defense.

The US is the big evil enemy to the left; yet, we keep defending the little guy against these insane dictators like Kim Jon-Un.

The missile defense incorporated with the Japanese/American fleet off of the Korean peninsula may very well be a deterrent enough to make the North Korean regime chill out. They should be spending money repairing their citizens’ quality of life instead of trying to attack countries that would easily wipe them off of the map.