President Donald Trump just kept one of his most important campaign promises of all. After meeting with world leaders, the incredible incumbent President has made his FINAL decision on the Paris Climate Accords. The Trump Train is chugging along.

Trump has EXITED the Paris Climate Change Accords completely.

However, this does not mean that America is 100% done with the Climate Change discussions. Actually, Donald Trump is willing to rejoin IF they change the agreement to benefit, not hurt, US businesses.

According to the President, staying in the agreement would see the United States lost 35% of Iron and Steelwork to foreign countries and a whopping 80% of coal jobs.

While the US immediately suffers, China doesn’t have to even start to clean up for 13 years. That’s not fair or amicable. Plus, it forces our country to pay a huge sum of money to the United Nations every year for them to both pockets and hand out to other countries.

So, while I’m sure all the leftists are going try and claim the world is “doomed” (despite the Wall Street Journal saying the US participation will do almost NOTHING for the environment), it’s all a big load. Donald Trump is simply keeping America First, and Thank God for that.

So let’s set the story straight. Trump loves the environment and even wants to renegotiate an awful deal as long as America doesn’t get the wrong end of the stick. Now he needs y’all to share this with your friends and family and show them what REALLY happened today.

You know, it’s sad that this is what we have to do just to have a fair shot. Still, we will do whatever it takes.

The Trump Train has a lot of steam. He just got the liberals completely obsessed with a “typo” and now he hurt their feelings with his move today.