Thinkorswim offers one of the better trading platforms on the market right now. It’s well designed, intuitive and customizable. Entering and executing orders is fast. It has many advanced features which only experienced traders will truly appreciate. Charts are second to none – everything you might want is included. The company provides live CNBC news, a scan tool for finding stocks that meet certain criteria, and a watch page that keeps track of things like dividend dates and stock splits, as well as spread / stock hacker tool.
One of the finest features of Thinkorswim is their Analysis tab. It allows you to instantly view an active risk graph that will exactly show the most probable look of any trade setup. In addition to this, it will also instantly show the latest risk graph for any planned adjustments to the current trades you might want to make.

Thinkorswim (TOS) charges higher than average commissions on stocks and ETFs. But there are no surcharges – the same rate applies to all trades, including penny stocks, extended hours orders, pink sheet stocks and large orders (whereas most online brokers levy one or more of these additional charges).
TOS is known for great customer service and its versatile, powerful, customizable trading platform. The firm offers an impressive range of investments for clients to choose from, including access to forex and futures trading.

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