It isn’t easy coming out as a conservative in Hollywood. Just ask former Tom Cruise co-star Julienne Davis. In a column today for Fox News the actress wrote about the persecution and backlash of being a conservative among America’s liberal silver screen royalty.

As Eyes Wide Shut star Davis writes, “Yes, hard as it is for some to believe, not everyone in the entertainment industry on the Left Coast is a left-winger.”

Davis explains that Hollywood actors live in a “comfortable echo chamber.” They don’t want actual diversity of opinion, just people who share their boring “groupthink.” After writing for a conservative-leaning libertarian magazine, Davis had to decide whether to apologize and back down or be open. She was tired of the wild anti-Trump hysteria and nonsense in Hollywood so she stuck to her guns.

unfriended all over social media, insulted repeatedly and marginalized in her career. Even people who still wanted to be friends unfriended her online so they wouldn’t be publicly linked to her. Davis denounces these cowardly moves, but won’t back down. “There’s no going back,” she writes.

Anti-Trump celebrities produced a number of ridiculous and embarrassing videos during the 2016 campaign that helped get Trump elected. They are more about virtue-signalling than actual policy. Troubled degenerates like Miley Cyrus make it all the more obvious why Hollywood and MTV are experiencing record low sales. In fact, Hollywood just had its worst summer in modern history. We aren’t buying what they’re selling!