VantagePoint is an end-of-day charting package based on proprietary trading indicators. The indicators, based on L. Mendelsohn’s trading philosophy and strategies, have been refined since 1991. VantagePoint offers trading in stocks, futures, currencies and ETFs.


VantagePoint is a neural network engine, which performs intermarket analysis of the target instrument (i.e. BoA) and 25 correlated markets/instruments. The analysis outcome is presented by proprietary versions of standard indicators (MACD) that predict the next day’s values (hence predictive MACD). A proprietary neural index predicts market direction, and attempts to eliminate market noise. Over the course of many years, independent third parties have verified the accuracy of this proprietary technique as around 80 per cent. Traders can combine the proprietary indicators based on their market understanding and trading preferences.

There are numerous options; sufficient to suit any type of trader. Once a trade is executed the predictive indicators guide the trader in setting trailing stops and a trade exit. The interface is simple, easy to use and very intuitive. To maximize the benefits offered by VantagePoint, detailed training is recommended. The company offers excellent support. Their sales support team is fantastic. I had issues with the settings on my computer and the support offered was second to none.

Personalized one-on-one telephone training is included in the price, which is based on the number of markets and categories within the markets traded. Numerous training videos are available to VantagePoint users. I recommend that any new user read the book by Mendelsohn.

Once a trading strategy is selected, VantagePoint offers an inbuilt scanner to report instruments where the strategy conditions have been met. Being an end-of-day package, the trade identification and management overhead should be low.

VantagePoint, in my view, is ideal for a trader looking for proprietary software that does the market analysis and allows the trader to pick markets and trading conditions. Its market longevity and positive reviews are a solid recommendation for VantagePoint as the first choice for a trader who can afford to spend only a limited amount of time on trading, however the initial learning period is quite involved and thus would only recommend to intermediate or advanced traders.

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