TeleChart is a charting platform offered by Worden Brothers, Inc. They provide many live seminars in a variety of major cities. They also post webinars on their website to help users utilize their program and learn about using charts and indicators for successful trading.

We found the online training for this day trading software on their website to be quite dated. On the home page of their website they have their product referred to as TeleChart 2007 and many of their training demos are dated 2004. Even their website is dated 1997-2007; this implies that they have been in the tradiing software business for some time now but perhaps have not updated their product in the last few years. In addition, their site has some misleading links; when “TeleChart Pricing” is clicked, it goes to a product comparison page without pricing.

TeleChart does not offer nearly as many charting tools and indicators as our higher ranked products; however, they do offer backtesting, drag-n-drop indicators, scans, watch lists, alerts and more. This day trading software also supports custom layouts, indicators and rules. The charts are easy to read and understand, but the actual interface seems dated.

This is the area that TeleChart seems to be most focused on. However, the Gold Suite does not offer as much in this area as the Platinum. To get a high volume of relevant and up-to-the-minute market news, you have to purchase the Platinum Suite. With the Platinum Suite, you can get real-time news and analyst commentary from over 40 sources, trend alerts from, data feeds, live audio charts and chat, streaming charts and much more.

The Gold version requires that you conduct your own trades in the areas of your interest, but mostly works best with stock trading as opposed to Forex and others. The Platinum version works directly with TD AMERITRADE, optionsXpress and Interactive Brokers. If you have the Platinum version and use one of these brokers you can track your investments live through the software and buy/trade whatever these services offer. For example, if you use optionsXpress you can buy/sell stocks, options, mutual funds and ETFs.

Currently, TeleChart day trading software can send SMS alerts via Twitter. They do not offer cell phone specific tools for their software.

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